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You Smell Like Mustard - Stripper Diaries Part 2

Part 2: You smell like mustard!

2 Summers ago our very popular exotic dancer Summer was dancing at a show in South Lake Tahoe. The guys were a hoot.... So much fun! After 'The Strip Show', Summer was cleaning up in the shower and the bachelor asked if he could come in and use the restroom. Not knowing any different Summer said sure. Slowly one after another the entire Bachelor party was in this mid size bathroom playing banjos, harmonica's, guitars and singing kumbaya while Summer was still in the shower and the man of the hour was taking a crap on the toilet. The fun was still not over yet, Summer goes back to shaking her rump and having a great time with the guys. One of them had a brilliant idea - why not eat hot dogs and mustard  out of her Vajayjay.... Talk about a dirty fun time and a dedicated Stripper In Tahoe! Fast forward a bit more, Summer cleans back up, hangs out, gets dresses and then heads to her next Bachelor Party Show. She freshens up again, gets dressed (undressed) gives a naughty lapdance to the bachelor and with her hands on the ground, legs wrapped around the bachelors head whom is sitting on the chair, shaking the booty she was given, the bachelor (in all seriousness) said, you smell like mustard.

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Stay tuned for Part 3 of 'The Stripper Diaries"