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His Name Was Greg

Bachelor Party Diaries Story 1

Our Friday evening started out like every other Friday evening up in gorgeous Lake Tahoe. 'Michelle' and 'Nicole'  both drove separate cars as they were coming from opposite sides of the mountain. They met inside at 'The Bachelor Party Spot' which was a vacation home which also just happened to be where the bachelor party for the 'Husband' of a lesbian couple was taken place. It was a small fun cozy group of about 8 or 9 guys and girls. The majority of the worked together as correctional officers.

The show was a lot of fun and went off without a hitch. 'Michelle' and 'Nicole'  demonstrated the variety of games they had to offer with the Bachelor and then opened up the floor to whom ever else was interested in playing. After this they then went around the room offering sexy lap dances to everyone. All and all it was your typical bachelor party night up in Lake Tahoe.

The party came to an end as all good things do. 'Michelle' and 'Nicole'  headed to the bathroom to freshen up and shower before their next show. Before they made it there 'Greg' had asked if he could have a private dance. 'Michelle'  was more then happy to oblige. She went next door and gave a naughty, sexy show that you can only get with Hot Tahoe Strippers. .. or at least 'Nicole'  thought that's what all was going on. 'Greg' actually wanted to take his little private party further, NO not sex you dirty pigs :) He wanted 'Michelle'  to use her toy on him. What a trooper she was. She went to town on Greg (not enjoying it but she is a professional) on the other hand, Greg was on Cloud 9. Needless to say, 'Greg was a closet gay. Here he was at his lesbian friends bachelor party but afraid to show his true colors.

Crazy how life works but it sure did leave a funny story for 'Michelle' and 'Nicole' to still laugh about years later.

correctional officers lake tahoe strippersPhoto Included Just Because Its Funny.

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