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Hot Tahoe Strippers - King Fire No Bueno

Hot Tahoe Strippers - King Fire No Bueno

Just so you know, even with this devastating fire, we are still in business.

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As Of 12pm 9/21/14

Zone 1
September 21, 2014

Hotshot crews will continue building containment line today around a 350-acre spot fire on the east side of French Meadows Reservoir, ahead of the northern edge of the fire. About a third of the line has already been completed.

The main fire edge is spreading north along the ridge between French Meadows and Hell Hole Reservoir and into the 2001... Star Fire scar, where lighter fuels could naturally slow fire spread. Crews are clearing brush and vegetation in the scar area to make an even more effective barrier.

Crews will also start work today on contingency lines to the north of the fire, clearing brush from Soda Springs Road, so it can serve as a containment line, if needed. They will also cut off stringers -- or timber stands aligned with the prevailing southwest winds -- where fire could burn rapidly northward. On the western flank, crews are removing vegetation along roads to be used as indirect control lines.

Spike camps will be set up in safe areas closer to the fire line on the northern portion of the fire to reduce travel time for crews. The incident camp post for Zone 1, which includes all areas of the fire north of the Rubicon River, is located in Foresthill.

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