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Any man who has ever annihilated his buddy with a paint gun and then gone out for a few beers knows there is nothing better than an adrenaline rush to amplify the male bond.  With this in mind, we have decided to show you how to plan—and execute—a competitive (if not somewhat terrifying) bachelor party experience.

First, Pick a Theme
Before blowing your wad (of money) on a bunch of different items, it’s important to decide what kind of theme you want.  For example, extreme sports competitions might be given an “A-Team” theme while rounds of Golf might fare better with an old-school Rat-Pack vibe.
Think about the things the groom is known to like; his favorite food, hobby, movie, band, etc. and build around it.

Break The Guys Up In Teams
If everyone is nearby, have the guys meet up at a local pub (or come over to your place) to pick your teams.  The Groom should be one of the two captains.  Toss everyone else’s name into a hat and take terms choosing team members. Each team will be responsible for picking a team name and color (which should be kept top-secret).  Team captains should take the lead to have T-shirts or jersey’s made with the team name on them.

We know,  real men don’t send invitations–except then they do. Rest easy, we’re not asking you to send anyting with pink ribbons on them, but do put together a proper itinerary that includes what to bring (clothing, food, supplies, first-aid kits, ID, cash, etc.) and send it with something that relates to the theme.  If you’re planning on playing paintball, splatter paint on plain or colored paper after printing the details. If you’re playing golf, send a personalized Golf Ball.  You get the idea.

How you decide to set-up an Extreme bachelor party truly depends on who’s coming (you wouldn’t want your 70-year-old father-in-law to have a heart attack running away from a paint bullet).
The first step to planning is to determine the guest list. Depending on the guys in your group you can decide on the activities accordingly. Listed here in order of increasing intensity, here are our ideas or activities:

Level I: Golf, Bowling, Arcades, Amusement parks, water parks
Level II: Laser Tag, Camping Activities, Go Karts, Kayaking/ Canoeing
Level III: White Water Rafting, Dirt Bike/ Dune Buggies, Paint Ball, Long-Distance Cycling
Level IV: Bungee Jumping, Skydiving
Level V: Iron Man Competitions

A Few Things to Keep in Mind
-This is the kind of party that lends itself well to daylight hours since most of the activities are best done outside. With that in mind, you can decide if, after your afternoon/evening of extreme fun, you’d like to bring the party back to someone’s house or a local bar/ restaurant for dinner and possibly some additional debauchery.
-Wherever this celebration may take you to, make sure to decide on a designated driver (or, for a bigger group, consider a party bus) so you can travel between activities safely, and focus solely on having fun!
- Have plenty of water/food on-hand to stay hydrated and nourished.
- Have all men get an OK from their doctors before doing anything too physical.  Think of ways those who cannot participate can be involved; judging, refs, etc.
- Don’t go overboard, no one wants to limp down the aisle.
-This bachelor party should not be held within a month of the actual wedding. While fun, this party will definitely be draining and we’re guessing that you, not to mention the groom, don’t want to show up at the ceremony looking bruised anything less than your best!