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Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas

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Bachelor Parties: 10 Cheap Ideas = Need to come up with bachelor party plans on the cheap?
Worry not, help is here in the form of our top-10 list of inexpensive party ideas.
So your groomsmen aren't rolling in money -- so what? You can still throw a killer bachelor party. All you really need is a group of guys and a good, cheap game plan. Read on for 10 bachelor party ideas that won’t require you to max out your gold card.

Pizza and Beer
What could be more manly than guzzling brews and scarfing down pizzas? And what could be cheaper than having the best man host the party at his pad? All you need is a trip to the supermarket and your telephone-dialing digits. Order that pizza, rent some videos or turn on the game, and create your own bachelor-style shindig.

Baseball Diamond
Looking for something virtually free to do in the great outdoors? Why not head to your local park for a ball game? Bring a cooler of beer and any gear you own. After you’re finished playing, head to your local pub or back to the best man’s pad to chew the fat and reminisce about old times.

Bowling for Bachelors
How about bowling? We're serious -- it's more fun than you remember. Up the stakes and divide the guys into two teams -- losers have to pay for the pitchers. For the perfect groom gift, order a bowling ball with his initials on it.

Poker Faces
Get out your $1.99 stogies and your Uncle Phil’s poker chips: It’s time for some stud action. Through the haze of smoke and the steam of take-out Chinese food, you’ll discover who among you has what it takes to be the Poker King. Remember to pitch in for the groom’s kitty.
Scavenger Hunt
Put together a list of ridiculous items to round up, divide yourselves into two teams, and agree to meet at a specific time. Then you’re off and running. Some ideas: women’s lingerie (must be given to you by the woman wearing it); street signs (you didn’t hear it from us); the name of someone who died before 1900, rubbed off a tombstone; a wig or toupee; and a specified number of phone numbers from hot girls (ask each team to bring a digital camera for evidentiary purposes). Designate a driver and you can even stop by the local watering holes.
Sports Night
This one's devilishly simple, but can't miss. Arrange to have the bachelor party on the night of a big game: basketball, baseball, hockey, or whatever's on. Take over a corner of your local sports bar and settle back to enjoy the game, ordering libations and spicy chicken wings by the dozen.

Video Arcade
When's the last time you set foot in an arcade? Things have changed since Space Invaders -- trust us. Depending on how good a player you are (as in, how long your games last), you’ll need either loads of quarters or practically none. Foosball, pinball, video games, you guys’ll have it all! Just be gentle whilst fending off the preteen crowd.

Roast Him
You’ve heard of Friar’s Club roasts -- events honoring one person during which various and sundry friends and colleagues rip and rib the hell out of him. Sound vaguely like the trash talk you guys give each other when you play ball? Round up the guys and build a “throne” for the groom (imagination is a necessity here), then fill the room (whether at a restaurant, bar, or home) and launch into the guy. Remember to keep it light (do mention the time you knocked the wind out of him playing football; don't mention his dog dying when he was ten).

Nothing rivals the humiliation factor of a karaoke performance. Have a fiendishly fun time by getting the groom mildly smashed, then taking him out to a nearby karaoke night. Tell him he sounds great singing his own extended version of “Hotel California.” For extra points, get the performance on video.
Do you have a backyard? A barbeque grill? A passion for burgers and steaks? Looks like you might want to host a backyard bachelor BBQ. Gather the guys, pack the cooler, and let the sun set on a backyard full of men happily wolfing down meat products